How to haggle the best taxi price in Asia

August 9, 2019

How to haggle the best taxi price in Asia

Haggling is a common thing when traveling in Asia, and it ́s normal for tourist to pay up to 300% above the official taxi prices. Even the locals are haggling when they have to purchase goods or other kind of services. It’s just in their nature.

Taxi prices in Asia

Most of the taxi companies in Asia has meters installed in their cars, but funny enough they always seem to be broken. Some travel blogs even states that they tampered with the meter, charging tourist way more then they should, which is a crime in most countries in Asia. If you are haggling with taxi drivers the common rule is that you should go down 50% before entering the taxi or simply insist on driving with the meter. If you need help to find the average price range, check the hagglestar app before you go.

An army of airport drivers

When arriving in Bangkok or Bali it ́s normal for tourists to be met with an army of taxi drivers ready to take you to the hotel. Make sure to do your homework beforehand and check up on the normal price range before getting into the taxi. Always agree on price beforehand and make sure your driver knows exactly where to go.

Ridesharing apps

There are multiple ridesharing apps operating in Asia, where Uber and Grab is the most commend ones. But these companies are pressured by the local taxi companies and some countries are starting to ban these new tech companies. A solution to ridesharing apps, could be hagglestar, since the app empower travellers with local knowledge and still supporting existing taxi companies in Asia.

Private car versus Taxi

For longer distances it ́s normal for tourists to simply book a private car, when they are going from one hotel to the other. Private cars are a bit more expensive than taxis and your hotel can most likely help you, if you want to book a private car. Prices are usually fixed but can vary greatly from hotel to hotel. Always check hagglestar, for a price calculation to give you an estimate.

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